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Introducing New Board Member Augie Vulaj — A Passionate Advocate for Children and Community

Updated: 2 days ago

Augie Vulaj Joins the Connections Education Center Board

Connections Education Center is delighted to welcome Augie Vulaj to our Board of Directors. Augie brings a wealth of experience in the financial industry, a heart dedicated to community service, and a deep commitment to supporting children and educational initiatives. His addition to the board marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide high-quality education and support to students and adults at Connections.

A Journey of Leadership and Community Engagement

Augie’s professional journey began in Michigan, where he grew up and started his career with JP Morgan/Chase Bank. His passion for building strong relationships and supporting community causes quickly became evident. About 10 years ago, Augie and his wife, Mariana, sought warmer weather and moved to Florida. Here, he continued his career with JP Morgan/Chase Bank before transitioning to First Republic Bank. His move to First Republic was driven by the bank's renowned client-first approach, which resonated deeply with his own values.

Augie Vulaj and his wife Mariana

At First Republic Bank, Augie not only served private banking clients but also took on the role of community ambassador. In this capacity, he led numerous initiatives in collaboration with local nonprofits, significantly boosting the bank’s community engagement. Under his leadership, the region saw a doubling of volunteer efforts in 2022 and 2023, reflecting his dedication to social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

Currently, Augie serves as a director and branch manager at Citizens Private Bank in Palm Beach. Here, he provides concierge banking services to high-net-worth individuals, families and businesses. His expertise in financial services, combined with his ability to build and maintain strong client relationships, has resulted in consistent growth in bank deposits and assets under management. Augie holds Series 6 and 63 certifications and is fluent in both English and Albanian, further broadening his capacity to serve a diverse clientele.

“In my profession, I build relationships and focus on doing the right thing for people. I see the same thing at Connections. Everyone is focused on doing the right thing for the students, adult clients and their families.

A Heart for Nonprofits and Children

Augie's commitment to community service extends beyond his professional responsibilities. He has a particular passion for nonprofits that help children. His former colleague, Nancy DiPierro, who has served on the Connections board for many years, recognized this passion and recommended that he learn more about our school.

“When I toured Connections, it was uplifting to see the teachers and staff in action. Their dedication to the students was evident, and I could see that they love their work,” Augie says. 

His decision to join our board was inspired by this visit and the palpable commitment of everyone involved at Connections — from the teachers and staff, to the board members, to the families. “I like seeing results and am drawn to places where everyone is truly committed to helping others,” he adds. 

Vision for the Future

As a board member, Augie is excited to contribute to the ongoing success and growth of Connections. He says, “In my profession, I build relationships and focus on doing the right thing for people. I see the same thing at Connections. Everyone is focused on doing the right thing for the students, adult clients and their families. As we grow over the next five to 10 years to make an even greater impact, we want to make sure we retain the heart piece of this because that element is so important to the success of those we serve.”

Augie and Mariana Vulaj with children

Augie's colleagues describe him as an inspiring leader who builds strong connections, demonstrates unwavering determination, and cares deeply for others. His leadership qualities and commitment to community service will make him an asset to the Connections board and entire community.

Outside of work and volunteerism, Augie and his wife stay busy with their two young children who bring them great joy.

We extend a warm welcome to Augie and look forward to his positive impact on Connections!


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