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Let's create a world where everyone belongs

Partner with us to empower students with autism
Our Impact

We're a nonprofit educational center that delivers high-quality, specialized instruction to students with autism in Palm Beach County.
We serve students ages 3-14

Ages 3-14

Connections Education Center is a charter school specifically designed for students with autism or related disabilities. We use evidence-based teaching strategies paired with targeted therapies to provide functional academics and early intervention. Learn more.

We serve students ages 15-22

Ages 15-22

Connections High School & Vocational Center -- a private, nonprofit school -- weaves together functional academics and vocational training while building social and independent-living skills to help older students with autism transition into adulthood. Learn more.

We serve young adults with autism

Young Adults
Ages 23+

Connections Adult Program (CAP) gives young adults with autism the opportunity to continue learning new skills and retain the skills they've worked so hard to master. We focus on social skills, personal care, independent-living skills, recreational activities and more. Learn more.

Lemonade stand shows child with autism in a typical neighborhood

You're more connected to autism than you may think

Today, 1 in 36 children in America is diagnosed with autism. This significant prevalence means that autism is no longer someone else’s concern. It’s a part of all of our lives. 


Even if you don't have experience with autism at home, you will interact with people with autism -- in the neighborhood, at work, in the store, at the gym, at the club.


We’re all connected to autism, and it's time for all of us to help. You might help by donating, volunteering, learning how to interact more effectively with people with autism or intentionally being kind. We can all help create a world where everyone belongs.

Get to Know Connections


Low Student-to-Staff Ratio

We serve students who need moderate-to-high levels of support. Low student-to-staff ratios are essential.


80%+ Students From Low Income Families

Our students are among the most vulnerable, underserved members of our community. We believe all children should have access to quality care.


Evidence-Based Approaches

Our certified therapists and highly trained teachers employ proven techniques for students with autism.


Family-Centered Focus

We collaborate with families to design the best approach for each student. And we take the entire family's well-being into consideration.


Drowning Prevention Program

Drowning is the No. 1 cause of death of children with autism. We combat that with 1:1 swim lessons each week.


Health & Wellness Program

Our holistic approach includes instruction in healthy eating, personal care and fitness.

We Depend on People Like You!

We face a 30% funding gap between public education funds and the cost to meet our students' needs. 


Our students are not well served by public schools.


85% of our students live below the poverty line. 94% come from minority families. Almost 50% live in single-parent families or with grandparents.


After age 21, individuals with autism have little-to-no supportive program available. 


We believe that students with autism should have the chance to reach their full potential.

Will you help?
Young student with autism at Connections
Young adult with autism at Connections

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